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Iceland, Tungufljot


Fly fishing for salmon on Tungufljot river in Iceland. Fishmaster will arrange a hosted fly fishing trip to the Tungufljot on 4.-8. September 2023. Jouni Rauha works as a host for this fly fishing trip. The Tungufljot is one of the most beautiful rivers located in southern Iceland 100 km South-East from Reykjavik.


The Tungufljot is one of the most attractive salmon rivers in Iceland. It‘s a large/medium size river that originates in the southern highlands and joins the mighty Hvíta. It winds it‘s way down to the lowlands through spectacular canyons and opens up on the lower pools, with breathtaking scenery wherever you look. The salmon makes it‘s way up through the vast Hvita/Ölfusa river system, the largest river system in Iceland, before reaching Tungufljot – far inland. The natural surroundings are spectacular, the river itself is a dramatic combination of gravel-flats and waterfalls and gorges, ensuring the variety of pools fished are great. You will find calm pools as well as fast flowing ones. Access is very good and most pools are accessible by regular sedans or smaller 4×4 vehicles. Tungufljot catch for the last years is 300-500 salmon per season.


The fishing beat on Tungufljot river is about 3 km long and below the Faxi falls 2 rods fish the West bank and 2 rods on the East bank. Above the Faxi falls fish 2 rods. The famous Faxi falls pool is included. We will arrange a rotation fly fishing where these three beats will be rotated between anglers. Daily fishing hours in September are from 7.00 until 13.00 and again from 15.00 to 21.00. The fishing season is from June 24th until the 30th September. All salmon over 70 cm must be released.


Good flies for the Tungufljot river are for example Blue & Black, Black Sheep, Silver Sheep, Frances, Snaelda, Blue Charm, Allys Shrimp, Sunray Shadow and Willie Gunn.


For fly fishing for salmon on the Tungufljot we recommend 12-14′ double handed rods for lines 8-10 and suitable fly reels with good quality brakes. You can also fish with 9-10 ‘ feet single handed fly rod for lines 7-8. Sink tip or intermediate shooting heads are most used fly lines. It is mandatory to have your fishing gear disinfected on arrival at Keflavík international airport.


At the Tungufljot we have 2 self catering cottages close the fishing beats with single bedrooms, shower, toilet, well-equipped kitchen and a comfortable livingroom. We will cook the meals together in accomodation.


Hosted Fishmaster fishing trips. Jouni Rauha works as a host for this trip. Guests will take an interational flight to Reykjavik, Keflavik airport and continue with rental car to the Tungufljot river. It’s about 2 hours driving from Keflavik airport to the Tungufljot.

  • Dates: 4.-8. September 2023
  • Price: 3680 eur/person
  • Trip length: 3 fishing days/4 nights
  • Group size: 1 host + 3-5 persons
  • Bookings: Fullbooked
  • Fly Fishing trip includes: Accomodation, Fishing licenses, Fly fishing, Introduction of beat
  • Fly Fishing trip excludes: Flights to Reykjavik, Disinfection (30-40 eur/person), Meals, Rental car
  • Species: Salmon, Arctic Char
  • Season: June 24th to September 30th
  • More information: Tungufljot 4-8.9.2023 >>

Iceland, Tungufljot


Tungufljot River 4.-8.9.2023

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