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Norway, Gaula Flyfishing Lodge


Fly fishing for Atlantic Salmon on the Gaula River in Mid-Norway. Fishmaster runs a world class Gaula Flyfishing Lodge. A prolific private 9,7 km long Gaula Flyfishing beat is located in middle part of the Gaula River, near Stören, up and downstream of the mighty Gaulfossen. The beats consist several of the best fly fishing pools of River Gaula – Bruahölen, Evjen, Evjenöra, Helgemo, Helgemo svingen, Hovinsgjerdet, Lerdalshölen, Röskaft, Röskaft Söndre, Sanden, Stasjonshölen, Svingen and Vollan. Biggest fish of the beat is 20,8 kg salmon caught on Bruahölen pool.


Gaula is one of the best salmon rivers in Norway and flows into the sea near Trondheim. Gaula is famous for its big size salmon, the biggest ones are around 20 kilos. The average size of salmon is 5-7 kg. The annual salmon catch from the Gaula River between 3000-6000 salmon per season.


The guests will fish our beautiful, private Gaula Flyfishing Lodge beats situated in middle Gaula, downstream from Stören in Hovin and Lundamo about 25-40 km from the sea. The beats consist of 7,0 km of East bank and 2,7 km of West bank of the famous Gaula River. Maximum number of persons fishing at the same time on these beats is 16-28 depending on the week. The guests are divided in 4-7 groups of 4 persons each. Every group of 4 persons can fish 1-2 beats at a time. The beats are rotated between fly fishing groups every six hours. In fishing rotation the beat change hours are 6:00, 12:00, 18:00 ja 24:00.


The stretches of river are divided in 9 fly fishing beats. Beat 1: Rostad and Sanden pools. Beat 2: Bruahölen, Svingen and Rönningen pools. Beat 3: Vollan and Röskaft pools. Beat 4: Stasjonshölen pool. Beat 5: Evjenöra and Evjen pools. Beat HE1: Lerdalshölen and Helgemo pools. Beat HE2: Helgemo svingen pool. Beat HG: Hovinsgjerdet beat is included in rotation 1st June-11th July and 4th-31st August 2021. Beat RS: Röskaft Söndre is included in rotation 8th-22nd June and 13th July-31st August 2021.


Only fly fishing with fly rod is allowed. Rod sharing is not allowed. Bag limit is one salmon per person per day. If fisherman kills a salmon, he must stop fishing until midnight. The weekly bag limit is 2 salmon and season limit is 4 salmon per person, of these only 1 salmon may be over 80 cm. If person retains second salmon for the week, he must stop fishing for that week. Released salmon is not counted on quotas. All female salmon must be released 1.7-31.8. We recommend also coloured male salmon to be released. All seatrout must be released.

We recommend catch and release. If a fish that according to the rules should be released is bleeding and dying, it must be delivered to Gaula Natursenter immediately. Delivered salmon is not counted on personal quotas and after delivery to Natursenter person can continue fishing. Scale samples must be taken from all retained Gaula salmon. Please take a few scale samples and put them into envelope and fill up details. If water level at Gaulfossen gauge drops below 20 cubics per second, only full floating fly lines and shooting heads are allowed. The floating line rule ceases when water level raises over 25 cubics per second at Gaulfossen. Every caught fish should be recorded to the catch folder and to the Gaula Laksebörsen during the same day.


Fishing season on the Gaula starts on the first of June. During the two first weeks of the season only big salmon enter the river weighing often 7-20 kg. At this time you have a good chance to hook and catch a salmon of your lifetime. During the early season water level on Gaulfossen gauge is often 400-150 cubics per second and water temperature is about 6-10 degrees. For these high and cold water conditions as fly lines we recommend Guideline TripleD shooting heads sink 1/3/5, sink 2/4/6, sink 3/5/8 and sink 4/5 and sink 6/7. In these conditions tube flies with 8-13 cm long wing are recommended.

By mid June the numbers of salmon in the Gaula increase and in addition to big salmon there is often a good run of two sea winter salmon weighing 4-7 kg. The main run of salmon in Gaula River is from early July to mid August, that period we can catch all sizes of salmon and the catch numbers per week on our Gaula Flyfishing beats are highest. During mid season the water level on Gaulfossen gauge is often between 150-30 cubics per second and water temperature is about 10-16 degrees. For these medium water conditions we recommend our guests to fish for example with Guideline TripleD Int/S2/S4, Float/S2/S4 and Float/Int/S2 shooting heads and tube flies with a wing length 4-8 cm.

During the last two weeks of August there are still some fresh salmon running but we also catch coloured salmon which have been in the river for a while – often very big ones. During late season the water level on Gaulfossen gauge is often between 60-20 cubics per second and water temperature is about 9-15 degrees. For these medium/low water conditions we recommend our guests to fish for example with Guideline  TripleD Float/S2/S4, Float/Int/S2 and Floating shooting heads and tube flies with a wing length 4-6 cm. Gaula fishing season ends on the last day of August.


For fly fishing salmon on Gaula we recommend 13-15 ‘ double handed rods for lines #8-11 and suitable fly reels with good quality brakes. Floating, sink tip or intermediate shooting heads are most popular fly lines but you should also bring sinking shooting heads for possible high water conditions.


Disinfection of fishing gear. Before fishing starts everyone must disinfect fishing gear and buy a Norwegian state license. State license can be bought from internet and disinfection can be done at Gaula Natursenter or Stören Camping.


Good fly patterns on Gaula are for example Banana, Green Butt, Red Butt, Black Sheep, Dee Sheep, Green Highlander, Greenlander, Grey & Green, Black & Yellow, Black & Orange, Black & Green, Allys Shrimp, Francis, Willie Gunn, Monkey and Sunray Shadow.


Gaula Flyfishing Lodge accomodation for guests is arranged in Hage, Hage stabbur, Helgemo, Röskaft Söndre and  Öran House. These old charming houses are located close to our Gaula fly fishing beats and they have been restored for fishermen. There is a big living room, a well equipped kitchen, several bedrooms for 1-2 persons, toilet and shower. Guests can cook their meals in self catering kitchen but food is not included in price.


Fly fishing trips to the Gaula will be arranged throughout the fishing season and the packages can be booked according to the client’s favourite week subject to availability. Anglers will take flight or car transport to Norway. It is 80 km, about one hour drive from Trondheim airport to the Gaula Flyfishing Lodge. Jouni Rauha works there as a lodge manager, shows the accomodation and introduces fishing beats to guests. Fishing week starts at 16 o’clock on Saturday afternoon and ends next Saturday morning at 10 o’clock. Introduction of the beats for new guests will be arranged on Saturday at 18 o’clock.


Week/Dates   Price/Person   Persons/Groups/Beats
22 (01.6-05.6) | 1050 eur | 20 Persons/5 Groups/8 Beats 1,2,3,4,5,HE1,HE2,HG |
23 (05.6-12.6) | 1450 eur | 24 Persons/6 Groups/9 Beats 1,2,3,4,5,HE1,HE2,HG,RS |
24 (12.6-19.6) | 1450 eur | 28 Persons/7 Groups/9 Beats 1,2,3,4,5,HE1,HE2,HG,RS |
25 (19.6-26.6) | 1450 eur | 28 Persons/7 Groups/8 Beats 1,2,3,4,5,HE1,HE2,HG |
26 (26.6-03.7) | 1450 eur | 28 Persons/7 Groups/8 Beats 1,2,3,4,5,HE1,HE2,HG |
27 (03.7-10.7) | 1450 eur | 28 Persons/7 Groups/8 Beats 1,2,3,4,5,HE1,HE2,HG| 3 Open rods
28 (10.7-17.7) | 1450 eur | 28 Persons/7 Groups/8 Beats 1,2,3,4,5,HE1,HE2,RS | 5 Open rods
29 (17.7-24.7) | 1450 eur | 28 Persons/7 Groups/8 Beats 1,2,3,4,5,HE1,HE2,RS | 1 Open rod
30 (24.7-31.7) | 1050 eur | 20 Persons/5 Groups/8 Beats 1,2,3,4,5,HE1,HE2,RS | 2 Open rods
31 (31.7-07.8) |    850 eur | 16 Persons/4 Groups/9 Beats 1,2,3,4,5,HE1,HE2,HG,RS | 1 Open rod
32 (07.8-14.8) |    850 eur | 16 Persons/4 Groups/9 Beats 1,2,3,4,5,HE1,HE2,HG,RS | 5 Open rods
33 (14.8-21.8) |    650 eur | 16 Persons/4 Groups/9 Beats 1,2,3,4,5,HE1,HE2,HG,RS |
34 (21.8-31.8) |    850 eur | 16 Persons/4 Groups/9 Beats 1,2,3,4,5,HE1,HE2,HG,RS | 4 Open rods


23 (5.-12.6.2021) – 1450 eur, 27 (3.-10.7.2021) – 1450 eur, 29 (17.-24.7.2021) – 1450 eur, 30 (24.-31.7.2021) – 1050 eur, 31 (31.7-7.8.2021) – 850 eur, 32 (7.-14.8.2021) – 850 eur, 34 (21.-31.8.2021) – 850 eur

Norway, Gaula Flyfishing Lodge

850,00 1450,00 

Gaula River 1.6.-31.8.2021