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Canada, British Columbia


Fishing trips to Northern British Columbia – Skeena and Nass River system. Fly fishing or spin fishing for steelhead and salmon. Fishing for steelhead on this area is considered to be the best steelhead fishing in the world. We fish for world record steelhead and salmon on trophy waters. Wild steelhead and salmon are at the heart of what makes the rivers of this area so special.


Rivers receive a large run of all 5 salmon species as well steelhead. First trips for steelhead start from mid March and continue until early May. In June and July we target the largest of salmon species, the chinook. In July, the pink and chum salmon arrive in the thousands. During the August and September months the agressive coho salmon will arrive. April is prime time for the steelhead as well October when they run into tributaries. Joining the steelhead in October are fresh coho salmon arriving.


Fishing can be done with fly fishing gear or with spin fishing equipment and by wading. The fishing guide will pick you up from your accomodation in the morning and will take you to the river. He will show you the fishing places, techiques and so on. In the afternoon when the fishing day is over he will bring you back to the lodge. Our morning begins with a 5.00 wake-up call with a hot breakfast ready by 5.15. Anglers are geared up and off to the river by 7. By noon we have fished 1-3 pools/runs. Lunch is served by the river. We finish the late afternoon after another 2-3 pools and try to be back at the lodge by 19. After dinner guests can enjoy the comforts of the lodge. By 22-23 time most anglers are ready for bed.


For avid fly anglers we do recommend that you bring at least two rods. Rod selection for Steelhead and Salmon are 7-9 wt rods 9-14 ft long. Suggestion for reels should be large arbor 3.8″-4.5″ with spare spools for a variety of water conditions and flows. When it comes to fishing lines a full floating Skagit system with a multi-tip is recommended. Sink tips we use are type 4-8 and T-10, T-14 and T-17. Use monofilament line for tippet, we recommend 14-17 lb test, this helps to make leaders in a variety of lengths. Fly selection we recommend are hairwing patterns, leeches in a variety of color, as well large dry flies. For example Glo Bug, Green Spruce, Pearlabou, Pink Passion, Pink Polar Shrimp, Pixies revenge, Leech, Rolled Muddler, Russian Fly, Wooly Bugger, Egg Sucking Leech, Popcicle. Please note only single barbless hooks are allowed.


For anglers who prefer spin fishing we suggest a rod for steelhead and salmon that is 8 ft. long with a reel loaded with 15 lb. test monofilament. Anglers who are bait fishermen we suggest Ambassadeur 5000-6500 reels with a 8-9 ft rod spooled with 15 lb test. Tackle should include a variety of lures like Ironheads, Koho 35-45’s, Croc’s, spinners, jigs and BC Steel. Float fishermen should bring numerous floats either in foam or cork, hooks in size 1-2/0. Weights used can be either split shot or coiled lead with rubber tubing. Swivels are a must and size is not that important.


The Williams Creek Lodge is conveniently located just 10 minutes outside the city of Terrace. Secluded location is convenientally located to cater to fishing clients who can pick up any items for your stay as the town of Terrace is close. Lodge is equipped with wireless internet and a cozy setting. Clients can enjoy a home cooked meal after a great day on the water. We can comfortably accommodate up to 6-8 persons in several twin bedrooms. Besides we dispose of couple bathrooms with showers, a relax room with TV.


Unhosted or hosted Fishmaster fishing trips. Fishing trips to Northern British Columbia will be arranged throughout the fishing season and the packages can be booked according to the client’s preferred dates subject to availability. Anglers will take an international flight to Vancouver and continue there with domestic flight to Terrace.

  • Price: 3980 eur/person
  • Bookings: Ask for open rods
  • Group size: Minimum of 2 persons
  • Trip length: 6 fishing days/7 nights in destination
  • Fishing trip includes: Accomodation, Guiding, Meals, Car transports
  • Fishing trip does not include: Flights Europe/Vancouver/Terrace/Vancouver/Europe, Fishing licenses, Gratuities
  • Species: Steelhead, Chinook, Sockeye, Pink Salmon, Coho Salmon and Chum Salmon
  • Season: March – October

Canada, British Columbia


BC 15.3.-1.11.