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The Gaula fishing season 2020 opens on 1st of June. Travel restrictions are still in effect in the beginning of June and we start the Gaula season with Norwegian anglers only.

Norway will open borders with Denmark on 15th June. Norwegian government is negotiating by 15th June about opening Norway borders for Iceland, Finland and Sweden. Also the quarantine rules between these countries would be released. By 20th July the government will consider about opening Norway borders for people from some other close European countries.

Gaula Flyfishing Lodge will be open for the whole season 1st June – 31st August 2020. Those anglers who can’t travel to Norway due to Coronavirus travel restrictions. I will be in contact with them and later we can postpone bookings and carry funds to the later part of Gaula season 2020 or to the season 2021.

Due to Coronavirus pandemic there will be a new Gaula restriction about anglers accomodation. Only 1 person per per bedroom per week can be accomodated in season 2020. I reduce anglers fishing the Gaula Flyfishing Lodge beats from 24 persons to max 16 persons/week for the season 2020 because there are 16 bedrooms in our 3 houses on the Gaula.

Best regards from the Gaula

Jouni Rauha

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