Rapport – Gaula Flyfishing Lodge 10-17.6.2017

We fished all week with a very variable weather and water levels. Gaulfossen gauge showed 170 cubics at lowest and 560 cubics at highest. We caught total of 11 salmon at our Gaula Flyfishing beats. By Friday the water level had dropped to 170 cubics and it was 10-11 degrees and salmon started to run the Gaulfossen. Due to heavy rain on Friday the water raised back to 350 cubics on Saturday morning.

Rino Hansen caught the biggest salmon of the week: 110 cm/13,9 kg at beat 5 - Evjen pool with an orange tube fly. Niels Corfitz caught two salmon at Evjen pool: 9,0 kg and 9,1 kg fish. Rainer Goertzen caught a fine salmon of 9,0 kg at beat 3 - Röskaft pool with a Pathagorva tube fly. Asko Hakonen caught 5,0 kg and 7,3 kg salmon at Evjen pool with a Black Sheep tube fly.

Gaula Flyfishing Lodge

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