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Sweden, Dal


Fly fishing or spin fishing for seatrout on Dal River in Sweden. Fishmaster arranges hosted fishing trips to Dal River in March-April and in October-November. These trips are short weekend breaks lasting from Friday morning until Sunday afternoon. River Dal is a famous seatrout river and in this nice river there are plenty of them. The fishing guide will be Jouni Rauha.


Dal is one of the best seatrout rivers in Sweden and flows into the Baltic Sea in Western coast close to Gävle town. Dal is famous for its big size salmon, the biggest are a round 20 kilos and big seatrout, biggest are about 10 kilos. The best spring fishing season is from late March until mid May, autumn fishing is best in September-October.


We have a 2 km long double sided beat to fish on this famous river. The Dal river is big river and averages about 100 yards in width and the pools vary from 6 feet to 12 feet in depth. The beat offers great variety of fishing and is nice fly water including fast rapids and runs and deep holding pools. The beat is easy to fish and suits well for fly fishing and spin fishing and there is a good chance for catching seatrout.


For fly fishing for seatrout on Dal river we recommend 12-15 ‘ feet double handed rods for lines #8-11 and suitable fly reels with good quality brakes. Sink tip, intermediate, sink 1/2, sink 2/4 or sink 4/5 shooting heads are most used fly lines depending of water level and temperature.


Good fly patterns for Dal river are tube flies with 5-9 cm wing, for example: Thunder & Lightning, Willie Gunn, Garry, Mickey Finn, Sillen and Phatagorva.


Accomodation for fishermen is in fishing cabin by the Dal river, withing walking distance from the beat. There is kitchen, toilet and shower. Guests can cook their meals in the cabin or eat in nearby restaurant.


Fishing trips to Dal river are hosted. Anglers will take flight or car transport to Dal and will meet host guide Jouni Rauha and other fishermen there.

  • Price: 590 eur/person – 2 and half fishing days/2 nights
  • Group size: 1 Guide + 3 fishermen, total 4 persons
  • Fishing trip includes: Accomodation, Fishing licenses, Guiding
  • Fishing trip does not include: Meals, Transports
  • Species: Seatrout, Salmon
  • Season: 20.3 – 30.10


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Sweden, Dal


Dal River 20.3-30.10

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