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Scotland, Spey


Fly fishing trips to one of the most famous salmon river in the world, the Spey in Scotland. Fishmaster will arrange a hosted trip to the Spey, Lower Pitchroy beat on 20th-27th September 2020. The destination will be famous Lower Pitchroy Beat in middle Spey. The host will be Jouni Rauha.


The Spey is located in the north-east of Scotland and it is the second longest and the fastest flowing river in Scotland. It is very famous and one of Scotland’s big four salmon rivers. The Spey is well known for its early run salmon and there is good spring fishing season from March until the end of May. The Spey is a very beautiful river which suits excellently for fly fishing. Fishing on the river Spey is catch and release only.


Our fly fishing group will fish the Lower Pitchroy Beat on the middle Spey. The beat is 1,25 miles (2,0 km) of superb double bank fly water in quiet tranquil surroundings restricted to 4 rods. The river averages about 30-50 yards in width and the pools vary from 5 feet to 10 feet in depth. There are 6 great pools and comfortable fishing hut with toilet and cooking facilities. The Lower Pitchroy Beat offers great variety of fishing and is excellent fly water including fast runs and deep holding pools. Fishers are accompanied on the river by full time ghillie and the beat is booked exclusively for our fishing group.


For fly fishing for salmon on Spey we recommend 12-15 ‘ feet double handed rods for lines #8-11 and suitable fly reels with good quality disc brakes. Floating, sink tip or intermediate shooting heads are most used fly lines but please bring also medium sinking fly line or shooting head for possible high water conditions.


Good fly patterns for Spey are: Black Sheep, Dee Sheep, Black & Yellow, Willie Gunn, Munro Killer, Thunder & Lightning, Monkey, Frances, Allys Shrimp, Garry and Cascade.


Accomodation for guests will be in a large Weiroch Lodge, close to the Lower Pitchroy beat. This house offers high standard accomodation for the fishermen; 3 bedrooms, a nice kitchen, 3 bathrooms, a dining room and a nice sitting room. We will cook the meals together in accomodation.


Fishing trips to the Spey, Lower Pitchroy are always hosted trips. Anglers will take a flight to Aberdeen. At the airport they will meet host Jouni Rauha and continue to the Spey with a rental car, it is about 1,5 hours drive.

  • Trip dates: 20th-27th September 2020
  • Price: 1780 eur/person
  • Trip length: 6 fishing days/7 nights
  • Group size: 1 host + 3 persons
  • Bookings: Fullbooked
  • Fishing trip includes: Fly fishing, Guiding, Accomodation
  • Fishing trip does not include: Flights to Aberdeen, Rental car, Meals and Drinks, Gratuities for ghillie (100-120 £/person)
  • Species: Salmon, Seatrout, Brown Trout
  • Season: 11.2 – 30.9

Scotland, Spey


Spey River 20.-27.9.2020

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