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Scotland, North Esk


Fly fishing on one of Scotlands premier salmon rivers – the North Esk. Fishmaster will arrange on 20th-27th October 2019 a hosted salmon fly fishing trip to the Balmakewan Beat and Lodge. Jouni Rauha will work as a host for this fly fishing trip. April is a prime month on the North Esk for fishing spring salmon, also called as springers.


The North Esk is one of Scotlands premier salmon rivers and is located in the eastern part of Scotland. It runs through the valley of Glen Esk, over the dramatic gorges at Edzell Loups, then finally enters the sea just North of Montrose. River North Esk is well known for its early run salmon and the best spring fishing season is from March until May. From early September large salmon enter the river. These fish typically range from 7 – 12 kilos and are a major incentive for anglers. This run continues throughout October. The North Esk is a very beautiful river which suits very well for fly fishing. Overall, the main stem of the river is around 45 km.


Our Fishmaster fly fishing group of 4 anglers will fish exclusively the private Balmakewan beat, which is is one of the best beats of the North Esk River. It is situated about 5-7 km from the sea. The fishing is Single/Left bank and is approximately 2,0 km in length with 10 named pools and streamy water in between. On the river bank stands a large and comfortable Balmakewan Lodge. The Balmakewan beat starts at the confluence of the Luther Water, which is a major tributary of the North Esk. The Luther Water is producing good runs of seatrout and salmon, particularly during periods of high water. In low water many salmon will collect in the Luther Pool. 2018 spring the biggest salmon of the Balmakewan beat was measured at 127 cm and estimated at over 18 kg/40 pounds, beliewed to be a record for the beat.


This is superb fly water, with easy access to the pools given the right water height. The Balmakewan beat fishes well throughout the season, and even in low water fish can be taken in the deeper pools. Balmakewan is a beautiful beat, with stunning backdrops, excellent fly fishing and easy access. The spring fishing on the North Esk is only catch and release. All spring fish caught before 31 May must be returned. We would encourage anglers to return of all seatrout. We ask all anglers to use single or double hooks.


For fly fishing for salmon on the North Esk we recommend 12-14 ‘ feet double handed rods for lines #8-10 and suitable fly reels with good quality brakes. Sink tip or intermediate shooting heads are most used fly lines but please bring with also fast sinking shooting heads for possible high water conditions.


Good salmon fly patterns for the North Esk are: Dee Sheep, Willie Gunn, Black Sheep, Black & Yellow, Black & Orange, Cascade, Flamethrower, Monkey, Allys Shrimp, Frances, Snaelda and Garry.


Accomodation for Fishmaster group will be in the comfortable Balmakewan Lodge by the North Esk River on riverbank of the Balmakewan beat. In the Lodge there is a toilet, a shower, a large living room, a well equipped kitchen and two bedrooms. We will cook the meals together in the lodge.


Fishmaster fly fishing trips to the North Esk are hosted trips. Anglers will first take a flight to Edinburgh. At the airport they will meet the host Jouni Rauha and continue to the North Esk with a rental car, it is about a two hours drive to the destination.

  • Dates: 20th-27th October 2019
  • Price: 1690 eur/person
  • Length: 6 fishing days/7 nights
  • Group: 1 host/guide + 3 persons
  • Bookings: Fullbooked
  • Inclusions: Fishing Licenses, Fly Fishing, Guiding, Accomodation
  • Exclusions: Flights to/from Edinburgh, Rental car, Meals
  • Species: Salmon, Seatrout, Trout
  • Season: 16.2 – 31.10


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Scotland, North Esk


North Esk River 20.-27.10.2019

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