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Norway, Suldalslågen


Fly fishing for Atlantic Salmon on the Suldalslågen River in Western Norway. Jouni Rauha of Fishmaster will work as a host for these fly fishing trips.


The Suldalslågen is a famous salmon river that is located in the municipality of Suldal in Rogaland county. The 22 km long river runs from the lake Suldalsvatnet to the southwest to the village of Sand where it empties into the Sandsfjorden. Suldalslågen is the largest and one of the best salmon rivers in Western Norway. Suldalslågen is famous for very big salmon, the biggest ones are over 20 kilos. The average size of salmon is 5-7 kg.


We will fish the beautiful, private Foss beat situated in the middle part of Suldalslågen River, about 7-10 km from the sea. The beat consists of 3,5 km of South (Left) bank and 1,2 km of North (Right) bank of famous River Suldalslågen. The beat consists several good fly fishing pools. Maximum number of persons fishing at the same time on the mighty Foss beat is 9 fishermen. The entire Foss beat is divided into 3 zones in a rotation that will change every day at 13.00. Each of the 3 zones will be fished by maximum of 3 persons. We have booked 6 rods for our Fishmaster group.


Bag limit is two salmon per person per day. If someone kills two salmon in a day, he must stop fishing until midnight. Released salmon is not counted on quotas. All wild female salmon over 75 cm must be released. All seatrout must be released.


For fly fishing salmon on River Suldalslågen we recommend 13-15 ‘ double handed rods for lines #8-11 and suitable fly reels with good quality brakes. Sink tip or intermediate shooting heads are most popular fly lines but please take also with sinking shooting heads for possible high water conditions.


Disinfection of fishing gear. Before fishing starts everyone must disinfect fishing gear and buy a Norwegian state license. State license can be bought before the trip from internet.


Good fly patterns for Suldalslågen are for example Allys Shrimp, Frances, Green Butt, Red Butt, Black Sheep, Greenlander, Black & Yellow, Black & Orange, Willie Gunn, Monkey and Sunray Shadow.


Accomodation for guests is arranged in a house located quite close the fishing beat. There is a living room, a well equipped kitchen, several bedrooms, toilet, shower. Guests can cook their meals in a self catering kitchen but food is not included in price.


Anglers will take flight or car transport to Norway. The closest airports can be found in Haugesund and Stavanger. From Haugesund to Suldal River it is 1 hour 50 minutes car driving. It is 200 km and about 3 hours 20 minutes driving from Stavanger to the Suldalslågen including two ferry trips. Jouni Rauha from Fishmaster will work as a host for this trip, he shows the accomodation and the fishing beat to guests.

  • Price: 890 eur/person
  • Trip length: 4 fishing days/5 nights
  • Group size: 1 host + 5 persons
  • Price includes: Fly fishing, Accomodation, Introduction of beat
  • Price does not include: Flights/car transports, State license (260 NOK = 30 eur), Food/drinks
  • Fish species: Salmon, Seatrout
  • Fishing season: 20.7 – 30.9
  • Buy Norwegian state license >>

Norway, Suldalslågen


Suldalslågen River 20.7-30.9

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