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Norway, Lakselva


Fly fishing for big Atlantic Salmon on the Lakselva River in Northern Norway. Lakselva Rotation Fly Fishing offer Holmen Lodge and Sarpolla Lodge and private Beats on the famous big salmon River Lakselva in Northern Norway. The beats are located in Lakselva Zones 1 and 2.


Lakselva empties into the Porsangerfjord, in the town of Lakselv. Lakselva runs through pine and birch forests in the Lakselv valley, and with its approximately 30 salmon running kilometers is a relatively short river. Lakselva is easily reached via road along most of the river. Lakselva is a typical large salmon river. The average weight of the salmon is usually around 7 kg. Plenty of salmon over 18 kg will be caught every year, biggest ones are well over 20 kg. Good numbers of big salmon every season have helped Lakselva to become one of the world’s most sought after salmon rivers. The total catches from Lakselva varies between 1000-2000 salmon per year.


The private beats are located in Lakselva Zone 1: Skjørtenes Nord, Skjørtenes Sör, Niittykurru & Sammusari, Holmen and in Zone 2: Soldatholmen Öst, Soldatholmen Vest and in several weeks Gjökenes or Matarakenttä. The private beats are put into a fishing rotation with 2-3 rods per group. The groups rotate with beats 4 times in 24 hours. Rotation goes 9:00-14:00, 15:00-20:00, 21:00-02:00, 03:00-08:00. This rotation fishing works really well and the clients appreciate the opportunity to fish all beats during the week instead of being locked to one or two beats.


Lakselva fishing weeks are sold as a package of one private lodge for 4 persons and rotation fishing for 4 rods. Group prices for the season 2019 for weeks 26-33 are total 7240 euros per week for a group of 4 persons. Group prices for the weeks 34-35 are total 6140 euros per week for a group of 4 persons. Price includes one private lodge (self catering) and fishing for 4 persons in private beats. Fishing week is from Sunday at 14 until next Sunday at 12.


Bag limit is 2 salmon per person per day. If fisherman kills 2 salmon in one day, he must stop fishing until midnight. The season bag limit is 4 salmon over 80 cm per person, of these 2 salmon can be female salmon. Released salmon is not counted on quotas. Scale samples must be taken from all retained salmon. Please take a few scale samples and put them into envelope and fill up details.


Salmon fishing season on the Lakselva River starts on the first of June. Salmon fishing season ends on the last day of August. Prime time salmon season is considered to be from the beginning of July until Late August. Seatrout fishing season ends on 14th September.


For fly fishing for salmon on the Lakselva River we recommend 13-15 ‘ foot double handed fly rods for lines #8-11 and suitable fly reels with good quality brakes. Floating, sink tip or intermediate shooting heads are most used fly lines but please bring also sinking shooting heads for possible high water conditions. Before fishing everyone must disinfect fishing gear and buy a Norwegian state license at Skoganvarre Vildmark and Circle K Lakselv.


Good fly patterns for the Lakselva River are: Banana, Black & Orange, Black & Yellow, Black Sheep, Dee Sheep, Green butt, Red butt, Greenlander, Green Highlander, Sunray Shadow, Monkey, Willie Gunn, Silver & Black and Allys Shrimp.


Accomodation for two fishing groups is in two fine lodges built in 2012: Holmen Lodge and Sarpolla Lodge. Both lodges accomodate 4 persons per lodge. They are situated within 100 m of the river in Lakselva Zone 1. Both lodges have 3 bedrooms, big bathroom with shower and washing machine and an open plan kitchen, living room and dining room. Holmen Lodge and Sarpolla Lodge are fully equipped with everything needed to cook, eat and enjoy. Big furnished terraces, wifi, tv. Modern and comfortable.


We can also provide catering for those who can’t or don’t want to do their own cooking, as well as rental cars. We recommend you to book your rental car early. A local fishing guide can be hired for extra cost.


Unhosted trips. Fishing trips to the Lakselva River will be arranged throughout the fishing season and the packages can be booked according to the client’s preferred week. Anglers will take flight or car transport to Norway. Closest airports are Alta (160 km) and Lakselv (10 km). Fishing week begins on Sunday at 14.00 and ends next Sunday at 12.00.

  • Price: Weeks 27-33/7240 eur/7 days/7 nights/group of 4 persons
  • Price: Weeks 34-35/6140 eur/7 days/7 nights/group of 4 persons
  • Group size: 4 Persons
  • Fishing trip includes: Fishing licenses, Rotation fly fishing, Accomodation
  • Fishing trip excludes: Flights/transports to Norway, Rental Car, Norwegian state fishing license (260 crowns = approx 30 eur), Food/drinks, Guiding
  • Can booked as extra: Guiding 8 hours/ 430 eur, Guiding 4 hours/215 eur, Meals 75 eur/ person/day
  • Species: Salmon, Seatrout
  • Season: Salmon 1.6 – 31.8, Seatrout 1.6-14.9
  • More information: Lakselva Rotation Fly Fishing >>


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Norway, Lakselva


Lakselva River 28.6-31.8

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