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Mexico, Ascension Bay


Fly fishing for Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon and Snook in Mexico, which is a paradise of tropical fishing. Fishmaster will arrange a hosted fly fishing trip to Ascension Bay Late November/ Early December 2024. Ascension Bay is located in Southern Mexico, Yucatan Peninsula 220 km south from Cancun and is a part of enormous Sian Ka’an nature park.


Ascension Bay area is called the paradise of tropical fly fishing and considered as one of the best places for ‘Grand Slam’ (catching tarpon, bonefish and permit during same day). This huge area consists of several different type of flats; white sand, marl and turtle grass that can be waded and fished from boat as well. Fishing season is from first of November until end of August and fly fishing can be done with single hand fly rods. There are not many tropical fishing places in the world which can offer as variable and good fly fishing as on Ascension Bay.

Bonefish, permit, tarpon, snook, jacks and barracudas can be fished during the same day. Local fishing guide will take you by boat to different fly fishing places and show where and when to cast. They know the fishing places like their own hands and their english is adequate. There are some very good flats within 20 minutes from the lodge, though most destinations are about 45 minutes away.


We recommend 7 or 8 weight 9′ fly rod for bonefish and one 9 weight 9′ for permit. 10 weight 9′ fly rods are recommended for tarpon. High-performance reels with a good brake system are required, capable of holding 200 yards of 30-pound backing. For bonefish and permit we use knotless 270-300 cm tapered leaders with 0,35-0,40 mm tippet. For tarpon we use 60-80 pound test level fluorocarbon leader.


Bonefish flies should be light-weight and with a hook protection. Clouser Minnow, Crazy Charlie, Bonefish Special and small crabs tied on hooks 4 or 6, sand and light-brown. Permit: Rag Head Crab, Brown Special and Del´s Merkin tied on hooks 2 and 4. Flies for tarpon and snook: Deceivers on hooks 1/0-2/0 brown and orange, black and yellow, orange and yellow, olive and white, Black Death and Purple Death.


The guests will be accomodated at a Punta Allen Fishing Club Lodge, located in a small village Punta Allen. Lodge has a wonderful restaurant and a full service bar. Dinners feature seafood, lobster, fresh fish, tropical fruits and vegetables.


Unhosted or hosted Fishmaster fishing trips. Fishing trips to Ascension bay will be arranged throughout the year and the packages can be booked according to the client’s preferred dates subject to availability. Anglers take an international flight to Cancun and stay one night in a hotel in Cancun. Next day they will be taken to Ascension Bay with minivan. The car drive will take about 3 and half hours. After fishing week minivan will take anglers back to Cancun airport.

  • Dates: Late November/ Early December 2024
  • Price: 4380 eur/person, 6 fishing days/7 nights
  • Group size: 1 host + 5 persons
  • Fishing trip price includes: Car transports Cancun/Punta Allen/Cancun, Natur park fee, Accomodation, Meals, Appetizers, Soft drinks, Fishing licenses, Fly Fishing, Guiding (2 anglers/2 guides)
  • Fishing trip price excludes: Flights to/from Cancun, Hotel night and taxi in Cancun, Gratuities (350-400 USD/angler), Beer and Cocktails
  • Species: Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon, Snook, Jack, Barracuda
  • Season: 1.11-31.8

Mexico, Ascension Bay


Ascension Bay 11/12.2024