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Iceland, Vatnsdalsa


Fly fishing for salmon and arctic char on Vatnsdalsa River in Iceland. Vatnsdalsá river and Vatnsdalsvatn lake is a salmon and arctic char fishing area in the northwest part of Iceland. This area is in the middle of the Vatnsfjords nature reserve and is famous for its beauty and special wildlife.


Vatnsdalsa offers good salmon fishing and excellent char fishing. During it’s best year it has produced a catch of over 200 salmon. Average catch per season is between 80-120 salmon and 400-500 char.  It winds it‘s way down through spectacular landscape, with breathtaking scenery wherever you look. The variety of pools are great, you will find calm pools as well as fast flowing ones. Compared to other rivers in Iceland salmon in Vatnsdalsa are quite big. There is a good run of bigger multi winter salmon and grilse is normally in good condition. The average size is just over 70 cm.


Vatnsdalsa is a 2 rod river. It is divided in to a upper river of about 4 km and lower river of about 800 meters. The Vatnsdalsa is divided by a lake Vatnsdalsvatn between the upper and lower river. The 2 rods fishing the Vatnsdalsa are also allowed to fish on the lake. Rod sharing is permitted, so two anglers can share one rod, but only one can fish at any one time. Rod sharing is an excellent way of reducing costs and making the trip even more cost-effective.

If you have bigger group then you can have more rods fishing the lake with a rotation between the lake and river. Daily fishing hours are from 7.00 until 13.00 and again from 15.00 to 21.00 or from 16-22. The fishing season is from July 1. until September 16. All caught salmon must be released and only fly fishing is allowed. Anglers can retain 3 arctic char per rod per day.


Good salmon flies for the Vatnsdalsa River are for example Blue & Black, Black Sheep, Silver Sheep, Frances, Snaelda, Blue Charm, Sunray Shadow. We use many different kind of nymphs and streamers for arctic char on the river. Peacock, Pheasant tail, Copper John, Nobbler and other classic char flies. The most used fly size for char is from 12 to 18.


For fly fishing for salmon on the Vatnsdalsa we recommend 12-13′ feet double handed fly rods for lines 7-9 or alternatively 9-10′ single handed fly rods for lines 7-8 and suitable fly reels with good quality brakes. For arctic char fly fishing we recommend 9-10′ feet single hand fly rods for lines 6-7. Floating, sink tip or intermediate shooting heads are most used fly lines. It is mandatory to have your fishing gear disinfected on arrival at Keflavík international airport.


Access to a fishing cabin is included in the permits for Vatnsdalsá; about 20 square meter basic log cabin for 4 people. The fishing cabin is located by the sea a few km from the Vatnsdalsa on so-called Pennunes by Hotel Flókalundur. It’s equipped with 12 watt electric lighting, gas heating and gas stove. Cold running water and a WC is in the cabin. Anglers need to bring their own sheets. Anglers can arrive to the cabin after 14:00 on the first day of fishing and need to leave the cabin before 13:00 on the last day.

There is a very basic cabin included but with no shower. However, there is a hot natural spring about 500 metres away and a swimming pool close by. Other accomodation options include the Hotel Flokalundur and a guesthouse called Gamli bærinn Brjanslaek.


Guests will take an interational flight to Reykjavik, Keflavik airport and continue with rental car to the Vatnsdalsa River. It’s 370 km/about 4 hours 45 minutes driving from Keflavik airport to the Vatnsdalsa. Nearest cities. Bíldudalur: 47 km, Patreksfjörður: 66 km, Ísafjörður: 93 km, Borgarnes: 254 km and Reykjavík: 330 km.

  • Price: 1410 eur/rod/3 fishing days/3 nights/1.7-14.7 and 16.8-16.9
  • Price: 1800 eur/rod/3 fishing days/3 nights/15.7-15.8
  • Trip length: 3 fishing days/3 nights or 6 fishing days/6 nights
  • Group size: 2 rods
  • Bookings: Minimum booking 2 rods/3 days, ask for open periods
  • Fly Fishing trip includes: Accomodation in cabin, Fishing licenses
  • Fly Fishing trip excludes: Flights to Reykjavik, Disinfection, Meals, Rental car
  • Species: Salmon, Arctic Char
  • Season: July 1. to September 16.

Iceland, Vatnsdalsa

1410,00 1800,00 

Vatnsdalsa River 1.7-16.9