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Costa Rica, XL Tarpon


Fly fishing for XL size Tarpon in the new Fishmaster destination in Costa Rica. Fishmaster will arrange hosted fly fishing trips to the XL Tarpon destination in Costa Rica. Jouni Rauha from Fishmaster will travel with our fishing group as a host. Costa Rica is considered to be an excellent fly fishing destination for very big jungle tarpon.


One of Costa Rica’s best-kept secrets is its inland, freshwater river and lagoon xl size tarpon fishing. We fish small, little-known rivers that wind through dense jungle. The tarpon here have swum hundreds of kilometers from the sea to feed seasonally on freshwater baitfish. These trips are challenging — but incredibly rewarding. You will fish alongside spectacular birdlife, from chestnut-mandibled toucans to red-lored parrots, caimans and of course, the region’s hallmark howler monkeys. The tarpon here are big and wild and fight hard in cool, freshwater rivers with fast current. No matter what your experience, we guarantee this is a tarpon destination unlike any other you’ve ever seen. A local fishing guide will take you by boat to a range of interesting and challenging fishing locations and show where and when to cast. The guides know the local waters intimately and speak well English.


We recommend fishing with 10-12 weight fly rods for big tarpon. High-performance reels with a good brake system are required, capable of holding 200-250 yards of 20-pound backing. We recommend weight forward tropical floating, intermediate or sinking fly lines depending of the conditions. For big tarpon we recommend 60-80-pound test fluorocarbon level leader.


Good flies for tarpon: streamers, deceivers on hooks 1/0-4/0 in colours brown and orange, black and yellow, orange and yellow, olive and white, Black Death and Purple Death.


Accomodation will be in the lodge in double bedrooms. All meals in XL Tarpon destination are included in price. There is also a nice bar/restaurant nearby. In San Jose we stay in a nice hotel and have shared double bedrooms.


Hosted Fishmaster fishing trips. Jouni Rauha will travel with our fishing group as a host. Fishing trips to Costa Rica will be arranged during the fishing season. Anglers take an international flight to San Jose in Costa Rica, stay one night in hotel there and continue next morning with a car to the destination – XL Tarpon.

  • Price: 4650 eur/person
  • Trip length: 6 fishing days/7 nights in destination, 1 night in San Jose
  • Group size: 1 host + 3 persons
  • Fishing trip includes: Flights Europe/Havana/Europe, 1 Hotel night in San Jose, Accomodation, Meals, Car transports, Fishing licenses, Guiding, Boat transports
  • Fishing trip does not include: Meals in San Jose, Gratuities
  • Species: Tarpon
  • Fishing season: January – May, August – October


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Costa Rica, XL Tarpon


XL Tarpon 1.1-31.10

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