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Chile, Rio Puelo


Fly fishing for king salmon in Chilean Patagonia on Rio Puelo. We fly fish for massive king salmon, seatrout, brown trout and rainbow trout in the breathtaking scenery of Puelo River and its tributaries.


River Puelo and several fine tributaries receive large run of massive king salmon. The Puelo River has produced record fish over 30 kg range. Normal size of the chinook in this beautiful river is 8-20 kg. In addition to chinook salmon we can catch sea run brown trout, brown trout and rainbow trout weighing 1-4 kg. The prime time of season in Puelo River begins in mid January and last until end of April.


Fishing will be done with fly fishing gear with double handed rods and by wading. For avid fly anglers we do recommend that you bring at least two rods. Rod selection for king salmon is 9-11 wt rods 14-15 ft long. Suggestion for reels should be large arbor 4.0″-4.5″ with good quality disc drag and plenty of backing. For fly lines we recommend Guideline TripleD sinking shooting heads for example: sink 1/3/5, sink 2/4/6 and sink 3/5/7. Also floating and intermediate Skagit lines with sinking T-10, T-14, T-17 and T-20 tips work very well. Use monofilament line for tippet, we recommend 0,45 mm strong monofil 1,5-2,5 m long. Single handed rod of 9-10′ for lines 6-8 will be fine for fishing seatrout, brown trout and rainbow trout. Floating or sink tip shooting heads are most used fly lines for single handed rods. There is always a local fishing guide per 2-3 fly fishermen. Local fishing guide will take you by car and boat to the river and show where to cast. They know the fishing places like their own hands and their english is adequate.


Fly selection we recommend for chinooks are Intruders, Bunny Leeches and tube flies in colours: chartreuse, green/black, blue/black, blue and orange. We recommend flies with plenty of flashabou. Popular fly patterns for seatrout, brown trout and rainbow trout are:  Leeches, Zonkers, Woolly Buggers in black, olive, white #6-8, Bead head nymphs Prince, Hare’s Ear #10-12,


The accomodation for fishing group will be in a very nice fishing lodge close to the Puelo River and good fly fishing spots. The house has been built as the fishing lodge, allows anglers and guests to enjoy spacious bedrooms, large and fully appointed private bathrooms, a warm and welcoming reception areas, and a fine dining room with a great view. In the dining room of the lodge the guests will enjoy delicious local meals and drinks. All meals are included in the price.


Hosted Fishmaster fishing trip. Anglers will take an international flight to Puerto Montt and continue with a car to Rio Puelo. It is about 200 km/2,5 hours drive from Puerto Montt to the destination.

  • Price: 3950 eur/person
  • Trip length: 6 fishing days/7 nights in destination,  night in Puerto Montt
  • Group size: 1 host + 5-7 persons
  • Fishing trip includes: 1 hotel night in Puerto Montt, Car transports, Accomodation in lodge, Guiding, Fishing licenses, Meals, Wines, Beer
  • Fishing trip excludes: Flights to/from Puerto Montt, Gratuities for guide and lodge staff
  • Species: King salmon (Chinook), Brown trout, Rainbow trout
  • Season: October – April

Chile, Rio Puelo


Puelo River 1.10-30.4

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