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Chile, Chrome River


Fly fishing for chrome king salmon in the new great Fishmaster destination in Chilean Patagonia – Chrome River. Jouni Rauha will travel with as a host for this fly fishing trip. We fly fish for massive and chrome king salmon in a breathtaking Patagonian scenery.


Hidden among millenary forests and snow capped mountains, surrounded by green landscapes and wildlife unique in Chilean Patagonia, away from cities, technology and concrete, this destination is designed for the angler seeking a total disconnect from their daily routine and the noise of the big city. The Chrome River offers unparalleled fishing experience between the months of January to March. The greatest attribute of this river is the real possibility of fishing king salmon in its most energetic, fresh and powerful state. We focus fly fishing for chrome king salmon when they just have entered the river, due to this is the name of the river. Chrome River receives a large run of massive chrome king salmon and the river has produced record fish over 25 kg range. Normal size of the chinook in this beautiful river is 8-20 kg.


Fishing will be done with fly fishing gear with double handed rods and by wading. For avid fly anglers we do recommend that you bring at least two rods. Rod selection for king salmon is 9-11 wt rods 14-15 ft long. Suggestion for reels should be large arbor 4.0″-4.5″ with good quality disc drag and plenty of backing. For fly lines we recommend Guideline TripleD sinking shooting heads for example: sink 1/3/5, sink 2/4/6 and sink 3/5/7. Also floating and intermediate Skagit lines with sinking 15′ feet long T-10, T-14, T-17 and T-20 tips work very well. Use strong monofilament line for tippet, we recommend 0,45 mm monofil as 1,5-2,5 m long. There is always a local fishing guide with a boat per 2-3 fly fishermen. We have 3 boats available to cover the whole river. Local fishing guide will take you by boat to the river and show where to cast. They know the fishing places like their own hands.


Fly selection we recommend for chrome king salmon are Intruders, Bunny Leeches, Prom Dress and tube flies in 6-10 cm length in colours: chartreuse, black/green, blue, blue/black, pink and orange. We recommend at least some of the flies include plenty of flashabou.


The accomodation for fishing group will be in a lodge close the Chrome River and good fishing spots. The capacity in the Chrome River fishing operation is maximum of 6 rods per week. We have a Patagonic cabin enabled with all basic services, single beds, bathroom with shower and hot water, cleaning staff, “Quincho” to eat (all meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner). And of course a good Patagonian roasted lamb to culminate each week of fishing. Clients can enjoy a delicious local meal after a great day on the water.


Hosted Fishmaster fishing trip. Anglers will take an international flight to Puerto Montt and stay one night in hotel there and continue next morning with car and boat to the destination Chrome River.

  • Price: 3960 eur/person
  • Trip length: 6 fishing days/7 nights in destination, 2 nights in Puerto Montt
  • Group size: 1 host + 3-5 persons
  • Fishing trip includes: 2 hotel nights in Puerto Montt, Boat transports from and to Puerto Montt, Accomodation, Fishing licenses, Meals, Drinks
  • Fishing trip does not include: Flights to Puerto Montt in Chile, Gratuities for fishing guide and lodge staff, Meals in Puerto Montt
  • Species: King salmon (Chinook), Seatrout, Brown trout, Rainbow trout
  • Season: February – March


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Chile, Chrome River


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