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Argentina, Rio Irigoyen


Great fly fishing for seatrout on Rio Irigoyen in Argentina, Tierra del Fuego. Fishmaster will arrange fly fishing trips to the Rio Irigoyen, World’s End Lodge. Rio Irigoyen is one of the best seatrout rivers in the world. Nowhere else in the world there are so much seatrout as there are in the rivers of Tierra del Fuego. The average size of seatrout in Rio Irigoyen is 3-5 kg. Every season many seatrout over 8 kg will be caught, the biggest ones are over 10 kg. We are sure that you will enjoy the superb fishing of the Rio Irigoyen as well as the outstanding quality of the service, food and accommodation at World’s End Lodge.


Fly fishing will be done on private World’s End Lodge beat on Rio Irigoyen. The Rio Irigoyen is a small size, 10-15 m wide river, with gentle gradients and easily waded, gravel-bottom pools. The pools can be covered adequately with a single handed rod or switch rod. Pools are varied and interesting with traditional runs, undercut banks and meanders. All the pools are ideal fly water. The Lodge offers over 30 km of double bank fishing on the Rio Irigoyen. It is a small river, with intimate water and is a bit technical. Wading the Rio Irigoyen requires a stealthy approach and frequently small flies, and presents a challenge that appeals to experienced anglers.

There is always a fishing guide available. Fishing guide will take you by car to the river and show where to cast. They know the fishing places like their own hands and their english is adequate. A big seatrout has here plenty of room to run and fishing hours are often allocated when the fishing is best. Fishing is ‘catch and release’ only. Best season for this excellent fly fishing is from the first of January until the end of March.


Guests will leave the lodge around 8 AM after breakfast each day, fishing until around 12. Lunch will be served in the World’s End Lodge, where you’ll find a great place to relax and enjoy the traditional siesta in spacious bedrooms. Guests return to the river between 5 and 6 PM and fish through until dusk.


For fly fishing for seatrout on Rio Irigoyen we recommend single handed rods of 9-10′ for lines 7-8. Floating or sink tip shooting heads are most used fly lines. Also Skagit lines with T-8, T-10 and T-14 tips work well here.


Popular fly patterns for Rio Irigoyen: Bunny Leeches, Zonkers, Woolly Buggers black, olive #4-12, articulated string leech types with electric blue flash on #2-4, Woolly worms in different colours #4-12, Wonder Bug, Girdle Bug or Yuk Bug rubber leg nymphs #4-12, Bead head nymphs Prince, Hare’s Ear #10-14, Bomber, Green Butt, Green Machine #4-8, 1 ½ to 2 inch tube flies, Collie Dog tube flies 3 ½ – 4 ½ long, Sunray Shadow. Only single or double hooks are allowed.


The accomodation for fly fishermen is in the World’s End lodge. At the Lodge we can comfortably acomodate guests in 4 bedrooms. The fishing lodge allows anglers and guests to enjoy spacious rooms, large and fully appointed private bathrooms, a warm and welcoming reception areas and a fine dining room. In the dining room the guests will enjoy delicious local meals and drinks. All meals and drinks are included in the price.


A hosted or unhosted fishing trip. Anglers will take a flight to Buenos Aires and continue with a domestic flight to Ushuaia. The group will likely need to overnight in Buenos Aires before departing on a morning flight to Ushuaia. The guide will be waiting on the airport and take you to the lodge by car. The scenic drive is approximately a three hour. After fishing week guide will take the anglers back to the Ushuaia airport. Fishing week at World’s End Lodge runs from Friday to Friday.

  • Price: 6540 USD  (approx 5950) eur/person
  • Trip length: 6 fishing days, 7 nights in destination
  • Fishing trip includes: Transport from Ushuaia airport, Transports during the week, Accomodation, Fly Fishing, Fishing license, Meals, Wines, Drinks, Guiding
  • Fishing trip excludes: Flights to/from Buenos Aires/Ushuaia, Taxi, Hotel nights and meals in Buenos Aires, Gratuities (600 USD/angler)
  • Species: Seatrout, Brown Trout
  • Season: 1st January – 30th March

Argentina, Rio Irigoyen


Irigoyen River 1.1-30.3

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