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Argentina, Jurassic Lake


Fly fishing for Rainbow trout on Jurassic Lake in Argentina, Patagonia. Jurassic Lake Camp at the bay at the outlet of Barancuso river is probably the greatest wild Rainbow trout fishery in the world. We are very confident that a visit to Jurassic Lake will change anything you thought you knew about rainbow trout and you will leave with memories that will last a lifetime.


The lake is a biological sensation and contains millions of fresh water shrimp. The fish grow to huge sizes from only eating protein-rich shrimp year around. We have also seen that the rainbows are making their way into the small stream, Barancuso river. The vast numbers of rainbows has created its own ecological system and its unending food source has pushed these fish to year around spawners, depending on water level in the only small stream that feeds the lake by the Camp. Arriving at Jurassic Lake you will quickly realize just how far removed you are from the real world, as the shear vastness of this secluded country is beyond belief. The large lake is roughly 20 km by 15 km, situated approximately 1000 m over sea level, and looks more like a saltwater body of water with its crystal clear blue water and channels, corals and shelves.


The average size of Rainbow trout has been around 4-5 kg (10 lb), with the biggest landed so far well over 10 kg and 120 cm long – not weighted. We have seen, and lost, even bigger ones. For those who love a real challenge there is some great shallow water sight fishing to be had along the shorelines. It is not uncommon to see pods of giant fish cursing the edges in search of that tries to escape. It is also fun to take a smaller rod up the creek, mainly in November to mid January.


When weather permits, we have used 9’ #5 rods with floating lines, dries and nymphs with big success. Real fun, not easy to land the fish though. In normal windy conditions use a 9’ for line #7 or #8 with floating line. For the corner at the Peninsula fishing the deep water, bring a sinking line. For the small stream and 9’ #5 rod with a floating line is perfect.


We have found streamer patterns; zonkers, buggers, muddlers to be the most effective thus far, with colours black, purple, red, white and yellow all working fine. The real secret is to have several different patterns and a lot of each. Sizes from 2 – 8 work fine, with a sizes 4-6 being the most common. Use strong hooks only. Bring along some scud patterns for sight fishing and an assortment of dry flies and nymphs as well. When theres no wind small black wet or dry flies 10-12, just hanging out there, will do the job.


The accomodation for fly fishermen is in the Jurassic Lake Camp. The Camp is located at the bay at the outlet of Barancuso river and is offering a brand new kitchen and dining room as well as a super comfy after fish lounge with a heating stove in the middle to add to the atmosphere. The lodge that consists of two separate wood buildings is designed as to have one house with kitchen and lounge, and one with 5 bedrooms where every room accommodates 2 people. Every room has its own heater and the camp now also has a water toilet and warm water shower. In the dining room the guests will enjoy delicious local meals and drinks. All meals are included in the price.


Fly fishing trips to Argentina, Jurassic Lake will be arranged throughout the fishing season and the packages can be booked according to the client’s preferred dates. Anglers will take a flight to Buenos Aires and continue with domestic flight to Comodoro Rivadavia or Calafate. The full week trips include private charter flight from Comodoro to Jurassic Lake and back. The half week trips include one way private charter flight and other way by car, it’s about 6 hours driving.

  • Price: 6130 USD/Person/week, approx 6000 eur (1.11-31.12)
  • Price: 4420 USD/Person/week, approx 4350 eur (1.1-28.2)
  • Price: 3070 USD/Person/3 days, approx 3000 eur (1.1-28.2)
  • Price: 5430 USD/Person/week, approx 5330 eur (1.3-30.4)
  • Fishing trip includes: Flight or car transports from Comodoro or Calafate to Jurassic Lake and back, Accomodation, Meals, Wines, Drinks, Fishing licenses, Guiding
  • Fishing trip does not include: Flights to Buenos Aires, Flights from Buenos Aires to Comodoro Rivadavia or Calafate, Hotel in Comodoro or Calafate, Gratuities
  • Season: 1st November – 30th April

Argentina, Jurassic Lake


Jurassic Lake 1.11-30.4

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