Rapport – Gaula Flyfishing Lodge 5-12.8.2017

A nice fly fishing week with several good size salmon caught and released. The weather on the Gaula was variable and water level at Gaulfossen gauge showed 25-70-30 cubics per second. Water temperature was about 14-16 degrees. We caught total of 12 salmon and 2 seatrout at our Gaula Flyfishing beats. Antti Pajunen caught and…
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Rapport – Gaula Flyfishing Lodge 22-29.7.2017

A good sunny fishing week at the Gaula Flyfishing Lodge. Despite very warm weather we managed to catch total of 20 salmon and 2 seatrout at our Gaula flyfishing beat. During the week water level dropped from medium 60 cubics to low 30 cubics per second at the Gaulfossen gauge. Water temperature was about 16-17 degrees. Petri Varis was…
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